Sex, Sixties Style

Let me begin by stating that even though the headline is about sex, the following article is lips_PNG6220not salacious, racy, or dirty. This is an article about what once was and what now is. My target audience is Baby Boomers, defined as those being born between 1946 and 1964. You remember the 1960’s as a rebellious era when free love was the word of the day. Good times.

You are also old enough to be in or near your own personal 60’s. And if you are sixty or older you know that your sixties are different from the sixties and  I want to point out the differences, especially when it comes to the least common denominator, sex.

I have compared what I can remember of sex in the sixties with what I recall from sex in my sixties, and have come to the following observations. See if you agree.

Sex In The Sixties – Because we lived at home with our parents, sex was limited to automobiles. Back then cars had real back seats that people could screw on, and the ideal place to park the car was at a drive-in movie. It didn’t make any difference what the movie was, you had a six pack of Pabst and a big-ass back seat. Party on.

Sex In Your Sixties – Sex no longer happens in the car. Not only are cars smaller but you are not as agile as you once were. So sex happens in the bed…in the dark…and no fancy stuff. If you ever have the urge to have sex in the car again, I suggest you hire a limo, and bring a six pack of Pabst.

Sex In The Sixties – Since it was a new experience for us, it took a while to get the hang of it. We may have been quick to finish but we were good to go again in 10 minutes.

Sex In Your Sixties – When you get older, it’s not about how and when you finish, it’s more about getting started. The beginning is not as impetuous as it once was and requires additional attention. In extreme cases, there is medication that could keep you occupied for the next four hours. Minor cases can be treated with porn.

Sex In The Sixties – Hickeys or sucker bites were marks on your neck and they were a big deal.

Sex In Your Sixties – Marks on your neck are called age spots and are only a big deal if they start changing shape.

Sex In The Sixties – To keep yourself from prematurely arriving at the happy ending, you think about baseball.

Sex In Your Sixties – You no longer think about baseball, unless it’s about a naked all-woman team doing calisthenics.

Sex In The Sixties – Sex was spontaneous. It could happen at any time, in any place.

Sex In Your Sixties – Sex is planned for well in advance. Liquor may be involved.

Sex In The Sixties – Getting to second base was a major accomplishment.

Sex In Your Sixties – Staying awake after 10 o’clock is an accomplishment.

Sex In The Sixties – Condoms were worn to prevent pregnancies.

Sex In Your Sixties – Condoms are worn for support, especially if you wear two or three at a time.

Sex In The Sixties – It was all we thought about, all the time.

Sex In Your Sixties – Sex has moved down the list of things we think about all the time and currently ranks fourth behind sports,  fishing, and, pie.

I hoped my Boomer readers enjoyed this article. If you are younger than a Boomer, this is your future. Cheers.

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