Congratulations. If you are reading this you made it through 2014 and another lap around 725090_f260the Sun. That’s something to be celebrated since over 2.5 million Americans didn’t make it this far in 2014. But you made it through the year even though it wasn’t easy.

There were good times and bad times, excitement and disappointment, health and sickness, elation and depression, good hair days and bad hair days. It’s all a part of this thing called life.

We have many decisions to make in life, some of them are easy like deciding what to have for breakfast, and some are difficult like deciding on a tattoo. Either way, the decisions we make shape half of our lives. The other half is fate.

I don’t know if fate is the right word but half of life is the stuff that happens to you. Half of that stuff is based on decisions you made and the other half comes at you out of the blue. So, if I have done the math correctly, ¾ of the stuff that happens to you is the result of the decisions you make. Your mileage may vary.

Right about now, you are probably asking yourself, “What the heck are you talking about?” I am talking about tomorrow, a new year, and an opportunity for a fresh start. Mathematically speaking, the best place to begin your fresh start is with a review of the decisions that make up ¾ of your live.

Here’s an example. I made a decision to become a comedian, after someone else made a decision to fire me from my advertising job, which I made a decision to go into, after I made the decision that I sucked at selling life insurance. Three out of the four decisions that shaped my life were mine. I rest my case.

Last year I made a decision to work every day and since I am a comedian, my job, as I look at it, is to make people laugh. When people laugh, they smile, and they feel good when the endorphins kick in. If I can make one person laugh each day, I think I’ve done my job.

Since I am not booked every day (please call for availabilities) I have to make people laugh who haven’t even seen my first show. This includes all retail personnel I interact with during the day, the telemarketer who is trying to sell me a free vacation in Branson, or anybody who might read one of my on-line posts.

Since this is the beginning of a new year, I have made some decisions that I hope will pay off in 2015. I have decided to continue making people laugh, either one at a time, or thousands in one ballroom. Also, I will strive to make myself laugh. This is hard to do because I already know the punchline before I say it so it’s all in the delivery. And I made a decision to have more fun this year. I don’t think you can ever have too much fun so I am going to push the envelope. If you’d like to have more fun in 2015, give me a call.


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