opening giftWhat do you say when you are asked what you want for Christmas? Do you supply a list? Give hints? Point out something in the store and then walk away while it is being purchased? Or do you call attention to the infinite number of commercials that tell you to buy new cars with giant bows on top or jewelry that guarantees you holiday hijinks? These are all fairly common ways of indicating your gift of choice but this year I want something different.

What I want for Christmas is inexpensive, easy to wrap, and does not require waiting in long lines. More than anything else this Christmas I want…nothing! That’s right, nothing, nada, zip, zilch. For Christmas I do not want a gift and I have good reasons for that choice.

First off, there is nothing that I need. I have clothes, shoes, coats, hats, and gloves. In fact, I have too many clothes to the point that I regularly clean out my closet and give clothes away so that the things I wear have more room to breathe.

I have more electronics than I know how to work. I have computers, phones, a tablet, a GPS system, and a gizmo that tracks each of them in case I forget where I put them. I also have TVs, radios, an iPod, CD player, DVD player, and enough remote controls to fill a basket. Unfortunately, I can never find the remote I need when I need it.

I have plenty of food and don’t need candy, pastries, smoked sausages, or anything that comes in a can. You probably can’t have too much liquor but I have a well stocked wine cellar (read space under the basement stairs) and enough spirits to keep my visiting relatives properly tranquilized until they go home.

My book shelves are full and my Kindle is charged. I have access to more music than I can ever listen to, and I have plenty of toys.

So do me a favor. If I am on your Christmas list please get me nothing. You can send me a note and let me know that nothing is on it’s way, or give me a call to say Merry Christmas and ask how I liked your nothing. If you feel compelled to spend money this season, please spend it on the millions of people who do need something. Charities are good outlets as are food banks, churches, and Salvation Army kettles. Feel free to give them anything you like and I’m sure they will be very thankful. As for me, nothing will make me happier than, nothing.

This Christmas season, try not to focus on the gifts but on the things that really matter like love, forgiveness, gratitude and charity. When you do that, you will discover the true meaning of the holiday.

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