White is a ubiquitous color this winter. When you step outside, you are surrounded by snow_storm_chicagowhite. There are white trees, white roads, white rooftops, white everything. Everything outside is covered with snow and it is time for the snow to go.

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, and if you live someplace where it is sunny and warm right now, I don’t care. This article isn’t about you so get over it.

In most of the country, this overbearing winter season has brought snow, even where it doesn’t usually snow. In the midwest and the east coast, we have gathered an over abundance of the white stuff and quite frankly I’m getting tired of it. As of this writing, Chicago is having it’s 5th snowiest winter of all time and I’m hoping we don’t make it all the way to number one. That’s a gold medal we don’t need.

The snow was nice at Christmas. Having a White Christmas is very important for some people but I don’t know why. I don’t think it was snowing when Jesus was born but I could be wrong. I wasn’t there.

But snow is always nice at Christmas time be it for historic or nostalgic reasons. Snow on New Year’s Day is also accepted, although no one has ever yearned for a White New Year. As far as whiteness in concerned, New Years should be the end of it. But not this year.

We also had a White Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and that could be seen as either contradictory or ironic but there was snow on the ground.

Next up we had a White Groundhog Day. It’s no wonder that when Punxsutawney Phil came out of his den that he saw his shadow. There was white all around him and everything cast a shadow.

Last week we had a White Valentines Day, and on the heels of Valentines Day we got a White President’s Day which again, is odd phraseology. Unfortunately, I don’t see the insanity ending there. It is very possible that we will have a White St. Patrick’s Day. This has got to be the limit.

St. Patricks Day is a day to be green. You wear green, drink green, and you’ll even turn green on St. Patricks Day. In Chicago we even dye the river green. There is no room for white on St. Patricks Day but if it snows and everything stays white, it will stand as proof that God may not be Irish after all.

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