2012 – So Far, So Good

    It is the end of February which mean we are 50/366ths of the way through the year. It’s a longer year this year because we have the uncommon addition of February 29th this year. February 29th only visits every four years but I really don’t see the point. February is still the shortest month and since it comes in the dead of winter, I say ‘shorter is better”, something that has become a mantra for me.

We have made it through 13.661 % of 2012, and since that’s my lucky number, I thought I would share my thoughts, views, and whimsy on the year so far.

We are currently mired knee-deep in the upcoming presidential race and I don’t like any of the candidates. For the most part they all have some good ideas and some stupid ideas – not that colonizing the moon is a stupid idea – but in the end, you wind up voting for the guy that you think will cause the least damage.

We need to find a presidential candidate that we can trust. We need someone who has recognition with the American public. We need someone with experience in affairs both foreign and domestic. We need someone who can pull us out of the financial situation we are in. We need a Kardashian! Heck, we need ‘em all.

I think reality stars like the Kardashians can grab the attention of the American public and use it to their advantage. Kim was able to wring millions of dollars out of a wedding that lasted 72 days. Just think how much money she can get from the global community in four full years.

Also, a vote for The Kardashians is a good value because you don’t just get one Kardashian like Kim or Khloe, or that other one, but you get all three PLUS the mother Kardashian. It’s the political bargain of a lifetime.

But I can hear the naysayers now saying things like “nay” and “Are you freaking kidding me?” Well, of course I’m kidding you but please consider the possibilities.

First of all, they look like a presidential family, and if they don’t now, they will after the surgery. Bruce Jenner already looks like Martha Washington so we can shape the others any way the public decides.

Press conferences will be held on a runway with stripper poles. Bottle service will be available.

And best of all, they will benefit from the experience of others. If the Kardashians move into the White House, you can bet BIll Clinton will be paying daily visits just to see if he can help out.

I know it sounds far fetched but give the Kardashians a thought when you cast your vote for president.

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