Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

As Halloween approaches, we get ready for the onslaught of children, teens and drunken halloween-wallpaper13eadults who will our doorbells and demand treats. These treats usually take the form of candy so I went shopping for some.

I went to Sam’s Club because I needed year’s supply of tuna and a fifty gallon drum of tomato sauce. As I passed the candy aisle, I thought to stock up on my Halloween giveaways.

Normally I buy candy that I like so if there are any leftovers, I can enjoy them to the fullest. Unfortunately every time I do that,I eat all of the candy ahead of time and if I forget to buy more I wind up giving the Halloween kids things I have on hand…like a can of tuna.

To remedy this problem I have taken to buying candy that I don’t like so I won’t be tempted to eat it. This year I even saved money by buying leftover Easter candy at half price. I’ve been saving it since spring and can’t wait to see the looks on the kids faces when they shout “Trick or Treat” and get some nice slightly crunchy Peeps.

There are a lot of candy bars out there to please every taste but one of my favorites always had the best commercial tagline. Mounds and Almond Joy were basically the same chocolate/coconut confection but Almond Joy had the addition of two joyous almonds. Their advertising slogan for these candy siblings was “Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut. Sometimes You Don’t”

When I remembered that slogan it occurred to me that we need to treat our lives more like the difference between Mounds and Almond Joy. No matter how serious things seem to be around you, sometimes it’s good to just “feel like a nut.”

I feel like a nut just about all the time but there are times when I feel more intense nuttiness than others. When this happens to you, feel free to let your inner nut loose on the world and at the same time brighten somebody’s day. There are many ways to release your inner nut from the time tested to the innovative. An oldie but goodie display of nuttiness is too get on an elevator and instead of facing the door, face the other passengers. Don’t say anything, just look at them. Nobody will look back as they all focus on the floor or the elevator buttons. When you get to your floor, back out of the car and be on your way knowing that when the doors close, you will be the topic of conversation.

Another idea I learned from my friend Greg. He taught me to put an industrial strength magnet in the bottom of a paper coffee cup or soft drink container. Then, put the cup on the top of your car. You will soon be signaled, beeped at, and warned by passersby that you have a cup on your roof while you wave and drive on.

My nephew Tim is also a comedian and he travels with a bull horn in his car. He brings it out when stuck in traffic or even while sitting in a bar. Let me just say that a bull horn attracts attention.

If you don’t want to make a scene, simply let your nut out at the supermarket. In the produce section, look at the bin of green beans and after considerable thought select just one bean for your purchase. Then, go to the cashier with one bean in a bag and see what happens.

However you chose to “feel like a nut”, take some time out of your busy day and act up a little bit. You’ll feel better, the people around you will probably get a good laugh and the world can go on for another day.

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