Every Doc Has Its Day

We have a lot of days in this country. I’m not talking about the 365 (6) 24-hour segments doctor-796in a year, I’m talking about all of the “special” days. For instance, we have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day. When asked by a child why there is no Kid’s Day, every adult will give the same answer, “Every day is kid’s day” That may be fine and true but there’s nothing on the calendar and the calendar lists all of the days.

We have Secretary’s Day, Boss’s Day, and Labor Day which should cover anybody that works for a living but alas, it is not good enough for one organized labor group. The doctors of the world have gathered together and proclaimed March 30th as National Doctor’s Day. Apparently doctors don’t receive enough money or attention and want to draw everyones attention to the fact that our lives are in their hands.

So far, I don’t have a big problem with National Doctor’s Day but I do have a few questions. Does it apply to all doctors or just specialists? Are dentists included in National Doctor’s Day or are they lobbying for their own day. Will there be National Doctor’s Day cards available at the Hallmark store?

Also, is National Doctor’s Day just for medical doctors or can owners of PhD’s also get in on the celebration. What if you have an honorary doctorate? Are these posers included with all of the real doctors. And speaking of real doctors, how far away are we from having a National Chiropractor’s Day? National Psychologist’s Day? Or even a National Oculist’s Day. The lawyers association has already sued to get a National Lawyers Day. I think April 1st would be good for them.

There are a lot of questions to be answered before I can jump on the N.D.D. bandwagon but that won’t stop them from fundraising.

I learned about National Doctor’s Day through a mailing I received from a major Chicago hospital. The hospital, in their mailing, suggested that I honor my doctor by sending a donation in his name to the hospital. Excuse me, a donation? I send my doctor money on a regular basis. It’s called paying the bill, but I see no reason to add a gratuity.

Then there’s the size of the gift requested. There are only 3 check boxes on the included donation form, so I can give either $500, $1,000, or $1,500. They even allow me to make the donation in the form of a monthly credit card charge. Thank you but I think I’ll pass.

I will continues to appreciate, and pay, my doctor for services rendered. And, I will recommend him to anybody I know who is looking for a physician. But I will not fork over $500 to say, “Good job, Doc” unless the hospital throws in some sort of free gift. I would suggest a free set of x-rays but they’ll probably offer a complementary proctoscopic exam.

I guess they’re out to do it to us any way they can. Happy Doctor’s Day.

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