Let’s Get Ready To Rumble – The Debates, Round 1

8:00 PM Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The stage is set. The candidates are ready. And the people of America are checking out what’s on A&E.

It’s the first of three great debates and as I watched it I made the following observations.

Jim Lehrer of PBS was the moderator of the debate and he laid out the ground rules, not that either candidate adhered to them.

He also told the audience that they could not cheer or boo either candidate. Those people either waited in line for hours to get a ticket and now they tell them they can’t boo?. Well, what the heck is the use being at the darn thing if you can’t express your displeasure?

I’m glad I watched on TV where I could cheer, boo, and throw stuff at the screen.

Lehrer posed the first question on the economy and asked, “What are the major differences in how you would create new jobs.”

President Obama started by wishing his wife a happy anniversary. From there he thanked some other people and basically did not answer the question.

Mitt Romney started with a one liner about the president having to spend his anniversary with him that drew laughs – which are neither boos nor cheers. Then Mitt proceeded to answer the question. Point to Mitt.

President Obama then tried a joke at the expense of Donald Trump which went no where. At this point he started tugging on his tie and saying things like “Geeze, tough room.”

Romney came back with a nice rebuttal on lower tax rates and then the debate broke out into a slap fight.

Jim Lehrer tried to rein in the candidates but he was like a ringmaster at a riot. He needed a buzzer or a cattle prod to keep them in line.

When he got the candidates to shut up for 20 seconds, he asked the second question; “What are the difference about how you would tackle the deficit problem?”

Romney said that the deficit is a moral issue so he will impose an excise tax on strip clubs and hookers. He also said that he would stop the funding of PBS even though he likes Big Bird.

Obama countered by blaming everything on George Bush. He also blamed part of it on Big Bird. Then he started to stammer and coined a new phrase, “Economic patriotism” which means if you don’t want higher taxes you are not a patriot.

My biggest concern at this point is that neither candidate could see the big flashing red light telling them their time was up

Jim Lehrer threatened both candidates with detention unless they started observing the rules and asked the next question, “What are the major differences on how you see Social Security?”

Barack Obama talked about his grandmother who existed on social security and medicare. Mitt Romney jumped in and said that he is in favor of old people because he is one. Then he paraphrased JFK and said “Ich bin ein Geezer.

Jim Lehrer brought in doberman pinschers to keep the candidates on time and asked them about healthcare.

President Obama tried to explain Obamacare by saying that it was based on Romneycare in Massachusetts. Romney countered with “Was not” and Obama said “Was too.” and this went back and forth until Jim Lehrer tazed them both.

At this point, the debate had been going on for over an hour and

I was bored to tears. I was tempted to switch over to Pawn Stars but I stayed with the debate…and played solitaire on my computer.

We heard through the grapevine that Mitt Romney was practicing “zingers” to use on the president. I didn’t detect many but the one I particularly liked was when he said that as president Obama gets his own plane and his own house but he can’t make up his own facts. At this point the president stuck out his tongue at Romney who then said, “neener, neener, neener.”

Of course everything went overtime leaving the candidates with only seconds for their closing statements. Unfortunately I was in the bathroom at the time and missed

That’s it for the Great Debates, part I. Please pass this along to your friends.

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