Technology – A Love / Hate Relationship

The buzzword for today is technology. You know about technology and you are either a) a technology lover (a.k.a. geek) or b) a technology hater (a.k.a. the rest of us). The underlying problem is that love it or hate it, we can’t avoid technology.

Technology was so much simpler when I was growing up. We thought that the ultimate advancements in technology were eliminating telephone party lines; being able to see a wet black & white Polaroid photograph in 60 seconds; and getting high by sniffing mimeograph paper fumes. Good times. But now, technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it is impossible to keep up, especially if you are still in a mimeograph fume fog.

By now, most of us are aware of the presence of “smart phones”. These are cell phones that can do almost anything. They can plot your route, take pictures, check on stock prices, make restaurant reservations and even convert dollars to euros. They are very smart phones. Unfortunately, too many of them are in the hands of very stupid people.

Stupid people with smart phones spend most of their time paying attention to their shiny new phone and too little attention to what is happening in the real world around them. We see it every day when people try to text and drive, or even talk and drive, and very often wind up crashing, after which they use their smart phone to call a tow truck.

Even when walking on the street, people use their smart phones to send a text. This causes them to occasionally walk into a phone pole or fall into a fountain, providing the rest of us with great glee.

Technology has also given us computers and at the same time, made us addicted to them. Computers are the new heroin except they are more expensive and there are no needles involved.

Today, computers come in many forms like desk top, lap top, and tablet. Each one is designed to make the other versions look out of date so that we are constantly buying new ones or updating the computers we have. And while computers have saved us countless hours in the library to work on a term paper, they have also created unnecessary problems; but that’s the price you pay for free porn.

The fact of the matter is that we are up to our ears in technology and if we aren’t careful, the machines are going to take over. The machines already know our “favorites”, our “likes”, and our passwords, so it’s only a matter of time before robots become our rulers. (note: I could have inserted a Mitt Romney joke here but opted not to.)

I ask you to join me in a return to the good old days. Instead of texting someone, talk to them, It’s the same number. Rather than visit with your neighbor on Facebook, walk next door and have a coffee. And instead of spending every waking moment checking e-mails, texts, tweets, and whatever else, take a few moments to smell the roses, or, better yet, the mimeograph paper.

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4 Responses to Technology – A Love / Hate Relationship

  1. Unfortunately, the technology that would allow me to walk over to your place for a coffee is just not there – yet…

    But here is an iPhone app that you can use to safely type and walk:



  2. Karen Clark says:

    Oh the mimeo paper! That brought back some great memories! Even though I make a living teaching people how to use technology, I believe that when you also learn how to be efficient with it, it gives you the freedom to LIVE more in your day to day life as it frees up more time. People have it backwards! I do hope that once the novelty of carrying a mini-computer around everywhere wears off, that connecting with people and getting outside, retro as it may seem, will be back in style soon! Great message, I’m sharing it!

  3. Terry Brock says:

    I have to agree with you, Dale, even though I do a lot with technology. It is great — when it works. It is also great to help us get more done. However, you are right that it is sometimes better to see someone live and direct, share a couple of beers with them and catch up (devoid of cell phones ringing and text messaging, by the way!!). Thanx for sharing this!

  4. Scott Marcus says:

    I like technology but it’s merely a tool, like any other tool. One thing that constantly surprises me is the surprised voice on the other end of the phone when you actually pick up the phone and call someone (instead of sending email). I’ve known people who email each other across the room. How sad is that?

    Great post BTW.

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