I’ve Got A Wild Hare…

We are only a week from Easter, a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. est-78_kangaroo_187205737Christmas is the holiday celebrating his birth. Easter is a day to be celebrated for those who believe, and tolerated by those who don’t. What I can’t get a handle on is how Easter has morphed from a holy day to a day of candy and bunnies. My main problem is with the bunnies.

I have done substantial research on this subject and for starters, I can find no reference to bunnies in the Bible. It does mention a lot of asses, but this is about bunnies, not elected officials.

Christmas has its own character called Santa Claus but at least he was a real person. He was Saint Nicholas, who while also not mentioned in the Bible, was at least a saint. I don’t recall reading anything about St. Bugs.

The bunnies that live near me are ravishers who eat any foliage that grows in my yard. Santa, on the other hand, does not disturb the landscaping and only eats what is left for him by the chimney.

To make the Easter Bunny concept even more difficult to believe is that he has been given the responsibility of not only delivering, but also hiding colorful eggs around the house and yard. How does that work? How does an animal that hops for transportation deliver delicate things like eggs without smashing them? And does he have help in what he does? Santa has elves to make the toys, but who dyes the eggs for the Easter Bunny? Perhaps the elves work for him in the off season.

There are so many questions that I think it is time to say good-bye to the Easter Bunny and replace him with a critter that makes more sense, like the Easter Kangaroo.

The Easter Roo would bring more joy to everyone because, who hates kangaroos? They’re cute, they’re exotic, and they are quite tasty on the barbee. Plus they have their own travel compartment to the store eggs and candy. It’s a natural fit. I ask you to join me in my mission to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Kangaroo. Write to your congressperson, your senators, and your mayor and tell them to JUMP on the idea of the Easter Kangaroo. Let’s make this hoppin.

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