Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 11 years, you’ve heard of a company called 29zfZY6ITwitter. Twitter was started in 2006 and provided the world with a forum where they could express their thoughts no matter how profound or stupid they could be. A tweet is limited to 140 character so it needs to be kept both Terse and Pithy, who were a great vaudeville team in the 20’s.

I tend to tweet occasionally, usually in the hours that I am conscious, and I try to make my message entertaining. Some people opt to make their tweets nasty things that will come back to bite them in the ass. Not literally of course, or the current president would be down to nothing butt bone. Butt bone, get it?

In President’s Trump’s defense, let it be said that he is the first president to use Twitter. It was invented in 2006 but President Obama didn’t use it much. At least not that we’re aware of, so Trump is the first chief executive with the access to say whatever he wants to say whenever he wants to say it and 22 million followers with pay attention to whatever he has to say. Roosevelt had fireside chats, but Trump has twitter toadies.

Therefore, in his I don’t think we can judge him totally by his internet diatribes because who knows what presidents before him might have said had they had access to this technology when they were in office.

So, in response to this question, I decided to predict famous tweets by famous people who would tweet if they could.

GEORGE WASHINGTON – @dollarbill – I cannot tell a lie…unless I really have to. HA HA. #fatherofcountry

THOMAS JEFFERSON – @decofind – All men are created equal, more or less, but some might be equaler. #firstdraft

ABRAHAM LINCOLN – @logsplitter – John Wilkes Booth is the most over-rated actor in Washington. #oops

TEDDY ROOSEVELT – @roughrider – Just opened Yellowstone Park. A beautiful place with crappy cell service. #bullybully

FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT – @FDR – The only thing you have to fear; is the tavern running out of beer. #funnyquotes

RICHARD NIXON – @notacrook – I wasn’t there. I didn’t do it. If I did do it I must be crazy. #notguilty

BILL CLINTON – @wildwilly – Oral in the Oval. Is that wrong? #donottellhillary.

BARACK OBAMA – @POTUS44 – It’s my last day on the job. Trump sucks. Obama out. #onvacation

As you can see, history doesn’t lie. So the next time you feel like making a negative comment about one of Donald’s Trump’s tweets, go ahead, It’s America.

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