As we count down the hours until 2017 we collectively reflect on the past twelve months – then we get a bit nauseous – and then we make promises for the new year. These 725090_f260promises are called resolutions.

The New Years Resolution originated in the Garden of Eden. After their first year together, Adam and Eve sat down and made resolutions for the next year. Among them were the promises to never eat apples, don’t trust snakes, and start having babies. Ever since then, we look forward to the new year with promises of self-betterment.

The most difficult thing about resolutions is keeping them. Over 90% of all resolutions made, are broken in the first month. The other 10% are broken later in the year.

That is why this year, I made resolutions that I swear will not be broken. If I give it my all, I can keep them. I made three of them for 2017.

  1. I resolve to lose 35 – hairs, if not more.
  2. As for exercise, I resolve to increase the frequency and length of – my naps.
  3. And finally, I resolve to avoid being serious about anything I post on line.

So, there you have it. I’ll keep all three of these resolutions and perhaps go for a fourth one; I resolve to eat more pie.

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