The Inaugural Address – A Brief Summary

obama-lincoln-bible-innag_s640x427I listened intently to President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address and in case you missed any of it, here is my summary of the president’s speech and the quotes that hit me the hardest.

The president said, “When times change, so must we.” As a reminder, the next time the times will change is coming up on March 10th when we return to Daylight Savings Time, so get ready to change.

The president said, “We are made for this moment and we will sees it as long as we sees it together.”  Stupid spell check, it’s seize.

The president said, “We do not think in this country that freedom is reserved for the lucky.”   No, be believe that luck is reserved for the lucky, along with the wrath of the rest of us for being so darn lucky.

The president said, “We will respond to climate change”.  I did my part today. When the temperature got down to single digits, I put on a sweater.

The president said, “The path to sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult.”   Sounds like marriage.

The president said, “We must serve everyone, the sick and the poor and the marginalized.” This made me wonder, who the heck are the marginalized? So I looked it up and apparently the marginalized are a small group of people who write in the margins of library books.  They need our help along with the people who eat nothing but oleo. The Margarin-alized.

The president said “We cannot mistake absoluteism for principle.”  Of course not. Absoluteism is a religion based around a popular brand of vodka, and principle is the guy who runs the school.

The president said, “Let us each embrace with solemn duty an awesome joy that is our lasting birthright.” Heh heh, he said doody.

Then Kelly Clarkson sang My Country Tis of Thee – The Concert Version.

Then we heard Richard Blanco, who read a poem, but as with all poetry that doesn’t rhyme, I didn’t get most of it. Plus, it didn’t once reference the lovely town of Nantucket.

Then Beyonce sang the National Anthem and the ball game started.

That’s the morning as I saw it but if you saw something I missed, please let me know.



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